iNK OF THE SOUL - Writing to reach the depths of your soul, to balance your life

Online writing therapy combined with (free) aromatherapy in the comfort of your home. WEBINAR WILL BE AVAILABLE NEXT YEAR AGAIN

An expressive way to open the gate to your soul
Reaching the depth of the soul

Our souls are made of invisible layers formed in the first years of life when we are extremely impressionable, carving a deep track that inevitably guides our lifepaths.

Letting it flow out

Through writing therapy, our deepest thoughts, the unknown zone, can freely flow onto paper sans control of mind and rationality.

Creating a new vision

Self-expression helps us softly to go beyond those latent, deep blocks which limit us; it drastically changes our perspective of the world so that it is never the same again.

Essences and universe

Essential oils are a fantastic medium to arouse and deal with lingering dormant painful memories, mostly originating from childhood, such that latent feelings and difficult subconscious blocks are faced and ultimately cleared.

Moulding the existence

Following a new way

Writing therapy induces special innate reactions. Oftentimes, as we explore our soul, we find ourselves touching, reverting to that which is still working within us, that which needs a new approach. Reaching the past to interpret life with a new set of eyes, from another angle, is almost like awakening from a long dream.

  • A fascinating way to get in touch with the depth of your soul

    Through writing therapy, we unconsciously project hidden images of our soul. While talking needs an interlocutor, writing needs just an author, always the first person (i.e. ourselves).

  • A session can become a magic moment

    Sessions involve being in touch with others, enjoying special moments, and sharing selflessly and honestly as we immerse ourselves within, joining other souls in a healthy and playful atmosphere

  • Aromatherapy – a free added benefit

    Essential oils, when combined with writing therapy, create a special mood. They act as a catalyst to precipitate the effect of writing therapy to help uncover and remove subconscious blocks. In so doing, they influence the opening of the heart, body, mind, and sprit to a whole realm of new horizons.

  • Free and easy anonymous participation

    Course participants can feel free and easy to express themselves with total honesty, confidence, and spontaneity in a safe atmosphere of complete anonymity.

About me

Writing therapist
Writing therapist
Writing and healing: Many years ago, through my passion to write, I came to the amazing realization that writing calmed my past experiences and deep-seated hurts. It was astonishing to observe that something inside me was changing when I wrote. Invariably, we all carry around the wounds and heartaches of our past, entrenched from our most sensitive, vulnerable, and infantile years. Writing therapy can help to recall and rework the depths of our soul, enabling us almost to relive what unknowingly influences our lives.
Diploma as an Writing therapist, IEK, Berlin, Germany
The fascinating world of essential oils always impressed me; in particular, its powerful influence to facilitate expression, evoking deep-seated feelings and ancient memories that may have been deliberately and unconsciously masked. Some essences are more suited to support writing therapy; they put us in the mood to re-approach hidden fears, apprehensions and limitations to our current existence. Over a period of some 30 years, I have experimented with all kinds of oils and experienced their wonderful effects on the soul and the body.
Diploma as an Aromatherapist, Terramedus, Berlin, Germany

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