April 9, 2018

Writing therapy

A fascinating way to get in touch with the depth of your soul

Through writing therapy, we unconsciously project hidden images of our soul. While talking needs an interlocutor, writing needs just an author, always the first person (i.e. ourselves).


We all carry around the wounds and heartaches of our past, entrenched from our most sensitive, vulnerable, and infantile years.



Writing therapy can help to recall and rework the depths of our soul, enabling us almost to relive what unknowingly influences our lives.

Writing therapy: how it works


By writing we transfer feelings, fears, worries and memories, without being conscious about this, also the way we express ourselves is like rebuilding reality  in infinite forms.

If a person has had a shock or an impressive experience, he or she often cannot talk about it, instead this person remains speechless, blocked, even breathing is difficult. However in such a situation we frequently tend to write as an alternative way, the reason being that by writing there is nobody in front of us, instead we have a dialogue with ourselves: a  friendly white paper welcomes our souls.

Writing is a wonderful way to discharge burden, complex, fears, worries and bad experiences. Sometimes people cry after a writing therapy, it is a release of something that has remained long time hidden in the soul.


How is the written therapy used?


The surrealist movement was focused on unconscious expressions of hidden feelings and knowledge, abilities and creativity restrained because of rigid social rules, so it developed  “automatic writing”.


Therapeutic writing uses writing games, which means that writing sessions will also be creative and light, as well as playful.

The number of participants is max. 8.


In my program there is also the voluntary and free option to use essential oils that increase the dreaming activity, so that writing therapy can be synergetically combined with dream work.

For example it is possible to apply some oil and write a very short story before going to sleep, then after waking up to take notes on the dream and keep working with it.