April 6, 2018

Writing therapy online


Why online?


There are many advantages to using writing therapy online. Firstly, there is the possibility to participate from anywhere and at your convenience. Secondly, there is the element of anonymity where you are immersed in a reality totally free of apprehension and false judgments; for example, if you chose to use a pseudo name, no one will question you, and the seminar will not be recorded. Thirdly, there is comfort in the knowledge that participation is from the safety and privacy of your own home – a familiar space – and that you can still benefit from the experiences and contribution of others during the course without feeling disconnected.  A shared link will add to this feeling of “Community.” Finally, writing games will be conducted in a manner to enable you to temporarily switch off your camera if you so choose – the latter, of course, in consideration of the synchronization of the course duration and timing of content. All of these factors speak to a much more efficient approach to effectively reach the depths of the human soul.